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To order send us an email with the item and quantity

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Orders received by Sunday evening will be delivered the following Tuesday evening.

Some meat such as London Broil for example will have varying weights. For this reason the meat will be weighed and an invoice will be sent to your email by Monday evening, all payments are due no later than 8:00am Tuesday morning. 

About Our Farms

Stryker Farm:

Stryker Farm sits on over 50 acres of land. The farm is owned and operated by Nolan Thevenet who started with just a few animals in 2010. 

Today, the farm is home to hundreds of animals including pigs, goats, sheep, cows, and chickens. The animals all roam freely in herds together around the property, All of Nolan's animals have been born on the farm. As they grow they are free to roam and consume their natural diet. This free range lifestyle produces a high quality product that cannot be matched by large corporate operations.

Koch's Turkey Farm

Koch's Turkey Farm out of Tamaqua, PA is proud to raise their Turkeys without antibiotics while feeding an all vegetarian diet.

Koch’s Turkey Farm is a true family farm that values the traditional standard of our Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage. Roscoe and Emma Koch first started raising turkeys on the family farm in 1939. The Koch’s Turkey Farm was founded by their son Lowell and his wife Elizabeth in 1953.

Locust Point Farm:
Locust Point Farm is a small family farm in Maryland about twenty miles from the Pennsylvania border. They have been operating since 1980 and are endeavoring to provide natural meat with no antibiotics or growth promotants added.

Carey's Specialty Smoked Meats:
Scott Carey owns and operates Carey's Meats. He smokes the meats at Stryker Farm, right outside the kitchen we prepare our pre-made meals in. Scott's main retail market is local area Farmers Markets.

Red Meat (Grass Fed Stryker Farms Product)

Ground Beef

Beef Cubes



NY Strip

White Meat

Boneless Chicken Breast

Ground Chicken


Ground Turkey

Turkey Filet

Smoked Turkey Breast

Pork Products


Spare Ribs

Sliced Bacon

Breakfast Sausage

Sweet Italian Sausage

Carey's Specialty Smoked Meats

Smoked Traditional Kielbasa

Smoked Double Garlic Kielbasa

Spicy Pepperjack Kielbasa