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When we say we are farm to table, we mean it in the most literal sense. Not only is Stryker Farm a local business out of Saylorsburg, but our commercial kitchen is right on the farm.

Dean met Nolan, the farmer, a few years ago, at the start of his fitness journey. When Dean decided it was time to have a "fat 2 fit transformation", one of the first things he did was begin purchasing high quality foods. Dean now works out of 2 gym's and one training studio, where he runs his clinic, "Geo's Recovery Lab." Dean's clinic specialize in sports related massage therapy and deep tissue bodywork. 

While also working as a trainer at Muscle Inc, Dean met Chavarre, Chef Chevy, who was one of Dean's first clients. Chavarre trained hard and followed Dean's nutritional guidance, losing 45 pounds in 3 months. 

Chavarre said he loved the fitness lifestyle, but the food was bland. Dean put the ball in Chavarre's court and challenged him to come up with a menu that was similar to the nutritional blue print he provided, but did not destroy macro nutrient parameters. Boy oh boy did Chef Chevy deliver. The following month's were filled with structuring and portioning of meals, licensing requirements, and the Department of Agriculture punch list. Once we launched, the fitness center's Dean works in became drop locations for our meal prep delivery service.

Only 3 weeks into operating COVID-19 hit, and now we are growing at a steady rate.

Andrea, Dean's wife, runs the logistics and handles the bulk of the behind the scenes work. Chef Chevy is the culinary mastermind, and Dean helps with structuring the meals on the menu while building the client base and managing the nutrition team.  

Stryker Farm

Stryker Farm sits on over 50 acres of land. The farm is owned and operated by Nolan Thevenet who started with just a few animals in 2010. 

Today, the farm is home to hundreds of animals including pigs, goats, sheep, cows, and chickens. The animals all roam freely in herds together around the property, All of Nolan's animals have been born on the farm. As they grow they are free to roam and consume their natural diet. This free range lifestyle produces a high quality product that cannot be matched by large corporate operations.

Chef Chevy

Who is Chef Chevy? 

To start, he who won one of Chef Emeril Lagasse’s cooking competition’s. From that exposure Chavarre was afforded the opportunity to work at a number of Chef Emeril’s Lagasse’s restaurants in New Orleans.

How did we manage to get Chef Chevy on our team? 

Chavarre came to Team Muscle Inc, and was trained by Dean. Dean, or Geo, owns Geo’s Recovery Lab, an athletic recovery clinic within Muscle Inc. Chavarre was serious. He was so serious he signed up for our meal planning services in addition to personal training. In just 3 months, Chavarre lost 45 pounds while having a drastic difference in strength. 

Chavarre said he loved the fitness lifestyle, but the food was bland. I put the ball in his court and challenged him to come up with a menu that didn't destroy macro’s and was properly balanced. Chef Chevy delivered.