Designed to optimize your nutrition

Meal Lines & Structure:

His Line:

6 ounces of meat in each meal

Her line:

4 ounces of meat in each meal

Vegan & Vegetarian:

Our vegan & vegetarian line is highly popular and continues to grow

Meal Prep Junior:

We have a few kid's meals on the menu, and plan to expand the program. Meals from the "her line" are often enjoyed and make for easy dinner or lunch on the go

Monthly Menu Changes:

To keep things interesting we switch many of our meals on a monthly basis, our menu also changes to support what is in season. Our staple meals will remain, our client favorites aren't going anywhere.


Nutrition isn't just about what you eat, there are other factors to take into account. If you aren't properly digesting your meals your missing out on nutrient absorption. 

Many of our meals use Jasmine rice because it is more easily digestible. Furthermore, white rice is absorbed faster the brown rice, and for this reason it is specifically used in meals we designed to be used after your workout. Nutrient delivery and absorption are crucial post workout, you need a fast hitting, rapidly digestible meal to recovery faster, build better, and replenish your energy levels.

Fat content is also a contributing factor to slowing down the absorption of carb sources. For this reason meals used post workout, or as a "pick me up" should be low in fat. On the same token, having a meal a little higher in healthy fat is a good way to create a sustained release of nutrients over a longer period of time.  

Key sports nutrition points

Pre workout meal:

Some people love a pre workout meal, others prefer to train fasted. There is scientific research that suggests blood is shunted to our digestive system after we eat, which can effect the "pump" you get while training.

Something important to understand about nutrition is that there is much biological variability between clients. What works for some, may not work for others. Part of nutrition is having a structured plan, and being mindful of how your body responds. This is where having a personalized meal planner & coach familiar with these becomes an asset.

Post workout Nutrient Timing:

We're fans of whole foods, and stress that supplements are meant to supplement your diet, not replace it. There are different types of protein. Whey protein is the fasted digested and absorbed. How do we speed up nutrient delivery even more? Make it into a powder form, and mix it in water. Immediately after a workout you want a protein bolus to begin muscle building and recovery. Some people also use a fast digesting carb source to create an insulin spike, which then further accelerates nutrient absorption and helps replenish glycogen stores burned off while training.

We prefer to have a shake and fast acting carb immediately after training, following by one of our specially designed Post Workout meals about 45 minutes later.

 Which meals are designed for optimal performance post training?

This month:

"The Classic"

"The Southwest Chicken Bowl"

" Orange Tarragon Chicken"

" Twisted Eggplant Chicken"