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Owner Of Dean's Cuisine & Geo's Recovery Lab

The 3 pillars through my transformation have always been training, nutrition, and recovery. Ive found the nutrition is hardest part for most people.

I have 2 “philosophies” on nutrition. What I used during my transformation weight loss was a strict math based system. I “dosed” my protein, fats, and carbs based on my body weight. I adjustment my macro nutrient parameters based on my goals.

I began diving deeper into physiological processes between the body and food and basing my diet on that. Understanding when the body needs what, and why became my priority. My current method is using the hard math system, combined with the understanding of pertinent physiological processes.

I’m gonna lay out a full system that’s easy to follow, with accountability calls and weekly adjustments. My success as a coach is dependent on your success as a client.

$100/month, or FREE if you use at least 2 daily Dean's Cuisine Meals as staples in your diet.


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)
Hi, I’m Brooke! I’ve known since I was a child that I wanted to help people improve their lives. It was while I was an undergraduate student that I discovered weightlifting and, ultimately, a healthier lifestyle. After several years of health complications, I found that changing my diet helped me to eliminate ALL of my symptoms. It was at this point I decided I wanted to help individuals become the best version of themselves through diet and exercise.

Rather than applying to medical school, I dove head first into the wellness industry. I became a personal trainer, coached high school athletes, and got my Master’s of Science in Nutrition. I continued and became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), a title that qualifies me as an expert in the field of human nutrition and regulation of the diet. I currently work in hospitals across the United States, ensuring patients are receiving adequate nutrition and providing patients and their families with information on how specific dietary changes can improve their lives and reduce their risk for comorbidities. I am a firm believer that health is the greatest form of wealth a person can have and I want you to experience the effects that specific dietary changes can have on your overall wellbeing. With my advanced degree in nutrition, I am able to provide specific and personalized nutrition recommendations to individuals that have a variety of disease states, dietary restrictions and allergies. Let me help you take the next step in your wellness journey!


Trainer, Bikini Competitor, Nutrition Coach
Hey there, I am Julia with JulssRoss Training. I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach teaching people how to fix their shitty relationship with food and their bodies.
Most days you can find me in the gym but over the years I have learned that the true battlefield of your health and wellness is in the kitchen.

 My nutrition beliefs revolve around flexible dieting or counting macros (macronutrients). I don't want to stick someone on a diet like it is a bandaid for a cut! I believe food should be an enjoyable experience and not something that should be feared or meant to cause guilt. I do not believe there are foods that are good or bad but ones that are more macronutrient dense. 
My passion has become teaching people how to ditch the diet fads for real food, one delicious meal at a time. 


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Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction


Trainer, Bikini Competitor, Nutrition Coach
As someone who once lived life as a major yo-yo dieter, I have found balance and structure with my nutrition through the flexible dieting approach. I had always been stuck in a cycle of eating what I believed was “good” or trying the latest fad diet and then ending up in a week long binge as a result of restricting myself from “bad” foods. I had developed an unhealthy relationship with food and I was undereating. Being introduced to flexible dieting I started tracking my food and counting macros (macros = macronutrients A.K.A. proteins, carbs and fats). This changed my mentality completely. I stopped feeling like my diet was controlling me and I felt in control of my diet.

The main reason is because my macro goals are tailored to ME and how MY body responds to the food I am eating and are specific for MY current training. I get to make the choices in the foods I pick to meet my macro goals (within reason of course! - this does not mean make all the junk food fit all the time, the goal is to nourish your body but allow some fun foods sometimes too!). On top of all the mental changes I’ve made through this approach, I’ve made the physical changes I have always been striving for. I have never been able to meet my fitness goals in the way I have with this science based approach.


World record holding power lifter and Nutrition Coach
My name is Lowell Clemonts I am powerlifter and powerlifting coach. Played football and basketball when I was younger. After those years passed by I was introduced to powerlifting 7 years ago. 

It is a mental and physical sport!! A risky sport your career can be over in a instant. But we aim to never quit!!

To go against physics you feel invincible!! My training philosophy is to take different variations try them for 12 weeks. If you see no progress throw it out! You see some put it in your pocket. If you see a lot of progress it’s time to see what your made of! I’m also a certified personal trainer certified from world instructor training school.

Worked as a trainer for Golds Gym, Pocono Dome and Pocono Trails which was featured on MTV fat camp!! I enjoy people progression to see someone else smiles makes me smile! I won’t stay on this earth for long but my presence can remain!



Owner/founder of Verified Elite Training Systems
My name is Marc Gaudet and I am the owner of Verified Elite Training Systems, better known as VETS. I Started VETS back in 2017 while I was a part of the undergraduate Exercise Science Program at East Stroudsburg University. I went on to enter the Master’s Program and graduate with a Master’s Degree, a graduate level thesis project, and also a job as an Adjunct Professor for the Exercise Science Department. 

I am currently operating out of Muscle Inc Gym where I manage the training of over 60 athletes ranging across a wide spectrum of developmental age, chronological age, and sport. Our Mission at VETS is to provide athletes with the training the experience they need to succeed in athletics, but more importantly, life. 

Nutrition is a major component of this mission as in order to excel in sports, you must excel in your health. That is why I am a part of Dean’s Cuisine Nutrition Coaching.