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What is a Macro blue print?

A good nutrition plan starts with setting goal appropriate macro-nutrient parameters. Once the parameters of your macro goals are identified, meals are added to your daily blue print accordingly. 

Do you have pre-made blue prints?

Yes!! In our Menu & Ordering page you can pick your appropriate calorie range and order your meals for the week with just one click! If you have any questions with what calorie range would best serve you, feel free to call or text us.

Do the Blue Prints contain ALL Dean's Cuisine meals?

No, Custom blue prints can be written without using only our meals. Additionally, we can add your supplements to your blue print.

Do we offer 1 on 1 coaching?
Yes!! We have an entire team of fitness personalities within all the different genres of the industry. Choose your coach and get a custom nutrition plan with weekly check in's and adjustments. We do coaching on a month to month basis. You can Meet Our Nutrition Team here.